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Bluetooth devices will normally run at 2.4 GHz for free licenses, ISM radio available worldwide the band. The benefits of this belt include the whole world’s availability and compliance. Evil on this is, however, that the devices should share this band and other emitters RF. This includes vehicle safety programs, other wireless devices, and other sound sources, such as microwaves.

To overcome this challenge, Bluetooth uses I the connection scheme is fast and therefore we use shorter packets than other levels within the ISM band. This application helps to make Bluetooth communication is strong and very secure.


The frequency of the frequency basically exceeds the frequency within the ISM radio band. After A Bluetooth device sends or receives a package, itself and the device (or devices) it communicates with go to another frequency before the next packet posted.

This program offers three benefits:

  1. Allows Bluetooth devices to use the available ISM band, while not transmits from a constant frequency more than a short term. This helps prevent that Bluetooth compliant with ISM restrictions on frequency transfer rate.
  2. It ensures that any interruptions will not last a long time. Any package that does not arrive safely where it goes it may irritate the next
  3. Provides on the basis of safety as It is very difficult for a listening tool to predict frequency to be used by Bluetooth devices Next.

Devices connected, however, must be compatible with they will usually use it next time. Definition Bluetooth confirms this in two ways. First, of course, describes the key relationships and relationships between Bluetooth devices. Next, it defines the algorithm using specific device details there calculating frequency hop sequence.

A Bluetooth device that works with the main mode can connect with up to seven devices set * mode. In each case, the master
A Bluetooth device will send its unique address and its internal clock value. The data sent is used to calculate the file for the Frequency of hop frequency.

Because the main device and each device use the same algorithm and the same initial input, connected devices will always arrive together at the next frequency they agreed on over.

As with cable technology changes, it is not wondering if Bluetooth devices are running on a battery that is powered, like wireless mice and the battery is powered cell phones. Power saving, many devices he works with low energy. This helps provide Bluetooth devices range 5 – 10 meters.

This range is sufficient for wireless communication but close enough to avoid drawing too much energy from the power source of the device.

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