Bandwidth Bandits Definition

Files uploaded or from servers use Internet bandwidth to push files along the network at various speeds. Every time you upload a file to your ISP, browse the web or use the audio app, using bandwidth.

Bandwidth is a series of cables or threads to connect servers to a network. Depending on the range of the wire it determines how much data comes across the entire network where your website is hosted. When someone tries to get more data than the network can handle, the whole network shrinks.

ISP’s may limit bandwidth from time to time at peak times or charge you a flat fee per month for bandwidth usage. If you exceed the fee, they will charge you more for using additional bandwidth. Some ISP’s will shut down shipping until traffic is stable on the network.

You can upload multiple files (images, audio files, videos and flash scripts and other programs) to your website. This does not include, of course, banners and pop-ups as well as certain texts and images that must be downloaded from a central server.

Bandwidth bandits link photos and other files directly to another server instead of uploading them to their local server. There are various reasons why they do this but one reason is to get as much bandwidth as possible to show their links and photos. So they “steal” the images or audio files each time the site is launched which means they are stealing bandwidth.

There are some ways you can stop someone from stealing your bandwidth share. If they have an email, I can contact them personally or go through Network Solutions and do an IP look that will give you information about the person and who the site is registered to. You can always contact the hosting company again.

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